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Get your body, energy and health back in no time. Let us show you how you too can experience life-changing transformation in just 40 days!

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*Your results may vary based on physical health and adherence to program.

The Purity Center Difference

Results in 40 Days

Experience life-changing transformation in just 40 days by losing real fat and not water weight.

Healthy Natural Food

Eat real food: protein, vegetables and fruits - not prepackaged meals, bars or shakes.

No Exercise Required

You don’t need to exercise vigorously during the 40-day program in order to see results.

Boost Your Metabolism

Our program will help you reset your metabolism from Fat Storing to Fat Burning mode. As a result your own body will be burning up to thousands of calories of its own fat daily.

Feel Healthier

Program focuses on enhancing your health at a cellular level, supporting hormonal balance, thyroid and adrenal functions.

Success Stories

We Helped Real People to Lose Weight, Feel Better, and Live Healthier
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Why Choose a Purity Health Program?

Purity weight loss program works fast. Like, crazy fast.

With our program, you can lose a life-changing amount of weight in just 40 days. We combine the principles of intermittent fasting with a customized food plan to maximize ketosis. Simply put, that’s the science of naturally burning more stored fat throughout the day. Seeing instant weight loss success is a huge motivator for our clients, and allows them to break through plateaus faster than they ever thought possible.

Life's too dull when you eat prepackaged food.

Eating strictly shakes, cabbage or prepackaged meals might help you lose a pound or two short term, but you can't do that forever. Here at Purity, you lose weight by eating real food you get from the grocery store and learn the tools to keep the weight off for life! Our dedicated weight loss coach will meet you online or on the phone to personalize your weight loss plan just for you.

Doctor Supervised, D.C.

Losing weight is more than just eating less and exercising more. It's an emotional and psychological process, it could be very difficult to tackle alone. Get support when you need it. Our experienced team of weight loss experts are here to help you stay on track and reach your goal in no time!

Be healthy. Be empowered. Be your best self.

When you join Purity Health Center's weight loss program, we want you to see life-changing weight loss success in just 40 days. You will regain self-confidence and have a positive body image. We are here to celebrate your victories and give you a friendly kick in the pants if you need the motivation. Join us on this journey to discovering pure health!

How It Works

  • 1

    Reset Your Metabolism

    The health of your metabolism is extremely important when it comes to weight loss. If your metabolism is working for you, you can get to almost any weight you want. However, if your metabolism is working against you, it can be almost impossible to reach your goal weight.

  • 2

    Fat Burning vs. Fat Storage

    Depending on your metabolism, you are either a Fat Burner or Fat Storer, most of us are Fat Storers. If you are a Fat Storer, you are stuck at your current weight. At Purity, we work with you to reset your metabolism through a combination of food plan and natural supplements. Following our health program in about 2 days your metabolism improves and your body turns into a Fat Burner!

  • 3

    Fat vs. Sugar as Fuel

    Most of the diets fail because they leave you hungry and are not sustainable in the long term. Purity Health Program is designed to keep you full while losing weight. It is our promise to you, you won’t be hungry. How? During the weight loss phase, most people will burn 2,000 - 5,000 calories a day of their own fat. Before you’ve even taken a single bite of food, your body feels like it has eaten thousands of calories. Once you train the body to burn fat instead of sugar or carbohydrates, the weight loss results come faster than you can imagine – some clients lose over a pound per day! Fat has by far the most energy per calorie so you will experience life-changing increase in energy and mental clarity.

With Us You Get

  • 1
  • Your personalized food list and weight loss journal
  • 2
  • All natural supplements to boost your metabolism
  • 3
  • 1-on-1 support and daily weight check-ins with your personal health coach
  • 4
  • Weight loss evaluation every 10 days
  • 5
  • Access to our experienced team of weight loss experts
  • 6
  • Best of all, you get a life-changing transformation that happens Fast!

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